November 1, 2015:

The server performance problems from yesterday seem to be fixed for now.

October 31, 2015:

Due to recent publicity and an increase in traffic, this server is often overloaded and unresponsive now. I am looking into ways to fix this problem. Thank you everyone for your interest.

April 2015:

Added the following routes:


The goal of this website is to show you where TTC streetcars and buses are moving slowly and where they are moving well, at any given moment. It is intended to give you a bird's-eye view of what the TTC vehicles are doing along the route(s) between you and your destination, to help you decide whether to wait for a streetcar as opposed to taking an alternate route, walking, or doing something else.

This is made possible by the GPS units that all TTC surface vehicles were equipped with in 2011, the data from which has been made freely available to the public by the TTC and NextBus. Behind the scenes, this website is constantly (i.e. every minute) downloading this data from NextBus and storing it. Then when your browser loads the page, it compiles recent data (typically the last half hour) to generate some graphics - coloured-coded stretches of road, and animated vehicles - which are shown on top of a google map. So what you see on the google map represents the current situation in the real world.

This website (which is really only one page) does not rely on TTC schedules for the information that it displays. It is generated from real-time GPS vehicle data only.

Anyone can access the raw GPS data for the TTC vehicles. For example, in most browsers you can view the up-to-the-minute raw data for the King streetcar by clicking here. There are many websites and apps that do many useful things with this and related data feeds. However I could not find any which provided a straightforward visual traffic report, so that is why I made this website.

Here is a video with more information:

For developers, here is the source code.

This website has many shortcomings, and it only handles a few routes so far. It is a work in progress. I hope that you find it useful all the same.

   - Daniel Tripp

Questions / comments: daniel dot john dot tripp at gmail.

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